Mentor Radio’s newest family of radios are loaded with features that help improve safety.

Fully Synthesized Radios with DSP Technology!

  • The same M2115 unit is used for both a transceiver (M2115M) and a base station (M2115B). 
  • Bluetooth Wireless Headset compatible*. 
  • USB connector interfaces with your PDA, laptop, and/or Bluetooth to reduce the lag time when relaying important information for “real-time” communications. 
  • Program up to 255 channels.
  • Match the power to your licensing authorization – 10, & 25  Amp availability. 
  • Incorporated to help prevent transmissions on unauthorized frequencies.  Allows for up to 64 authorized users to program channels or change radio settings.  
  • Eliminates channel hogging.
ModelDescriptionList Price (USD)
M2115MMobile, 10 Watts$849
M2115BBase Station, 10 Watts$1,149
M2115B-RMBase Station, Rack Mount, 10 Watts$1,499
M2115B-25Base Station, 25 Watts $2,499
Airports present many communication challenges.  Many FBO’s and corporate flight departments use two different radio bands.  The VHF radio is for aircraft/tower operation communications such as UNICOM or ARINC and for business communications they use a licensed UHF Land Mobile Radio (LMR) to handle business to business (B2B) communications.   Mentor Radio has designed the M2115 integrating both of these radio functions into one. With our LMR option* (Available in the near future) installed in the M2115, the unit can support many new functions utilizing both VHF and UHF.  This option will provide simplex/duplex LMR functionality along with low speed data providing on-board “live” GPS asset tracking along with business data between mobiles and the base station radio.  There is a second USB, type B connector on the M2115 radio to allow you to connect to a laptop or other computing device allowing you to send data over this radio link.  Two antennas are available for the base units.

New, unique features for ground support communications:
  • Wireless headsets – The M2115 has a XLR connector that when used in conjunction with our adapter, available only thru Mentor Radio from PRYMEBLU, allows the user to use wireless Bluetooth headsets of any style to stay in contact when outside of their vehicle. Noise protection wireless headsets are recommended for very noisy areas.
  • User adjustable power – maintains optimal transmitter level.
  • Connects to an external power amplifier, like Mentor Radio’s PA25, for even more power.  When used with a PA25 the M2115 can transmit up to 25 Watts for better ARINC communications.
The M2115 is a fully synthesized radio that uses:
  • Dual conversion super heterodyne receiver circuitry utilizing frequency synthesis tuning. The M2115 offers excellent interference rejection while still providing superior weak signal sensitivity.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) providing digital modulation/demodulation with enhanced digital filtering.  The M2115 can receive amplitude modulated (AM) signals along with digital VHF data.
  • Microcontroller controlled user input and output.
  • Built-in speaker.  Mobile: 2″ x 2″ 4 Watt,  Base Station: 50×90 mm  5 Watt.
  • USB interfaces for added capability:
    • One USB type A connector
    • One USB type B connector
      • Laptops use to allow sending business data using optional LMR radio (future option).
      • GPS data storage (future option):  Laptops to receive GPS position data from radio for moving map applications, vehicle driver training, restricted area warnings, etc.
      • Closed loop power control for maximum transmitter versatility to provide optimal transmitter signal while minimizing potential interference.


  • Frequency Range: 118.000 to 136.975 MHz (capable expansion to 108MHz)
  • Dimensions: 7″ x 7” x 3”
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Channel Spacing: 8.33kHz or 25kHz
  • Antenna Connector: UHF (50ohms)
  • Power Supply: +12 VDC to +14.5 VDC, Nominal 13.75 VDC
  • Power Consumption: (Rx) 2A, (Tx) 5A
  • Operating Temperature: -30 C to +60C
  • Frequency Stability: 5ppm
  • Spurious rejection : Meets FCC requirements
  • Audio Output:
    • 4ohm output: > 4W
    • 600 ohm output: > 0.5W at 60% AM, 10% distortion
    • Sidetone: Same as 600 ohm output
    • Internal Speaker: Handles 4W at 8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: Maximum 1uV for 6dB S/N, 30% Modulation Index
  • Squelch Sensitivity < 0.5uV
  • Hum and Noise: > 25 dB
  • Selectivity:
    • 25kHz Channels: Greater than 6dB at offset greater than +/-8kHz; Greater than 40dB at offset greater than +/- 17kHz; Greater than 60dB at offset greater than +/-25kHz
    • 8.33kHz Channels: Greater than 6 dB at offset greater than +/- 2.8kHz; Greater than 60 dB at offset greater than +/- 7.4 kHz
  • Output Power: 1W, 5W and 10W
  • Modulation Level: 70% to 95% nominal 85%
  • Audio Distortion: Less than 10%
  • Hum and Noise Ratio: More than 40 dB
  • Spurious Emissions: -16 dBm maximum
  • Antenna Impedance: 50
  • Antenna VSWR Measurement: 2 to 10, accuracy of =/- 20%
  • External Power Amp: (OPTIONAL) Closed loop power control (up to 50 watts)
  • LCD: 64 x 128 graphics
    • Backlight adjustable
    • 4 soft menus
    • Vehicle moving map (future)
  • Buttons: Menu – 4, Power – 1 momentary
  • Rotary Encoder: Data Entry, Vol and Sq adjust
  • LED: Power On
  • Configuration:
    • 64 authorized maximum users
    • 255 maximum channels
      • Power-up Interlock
      • Power In:  88-264 VAC fan cooled switching power supply
  • USB Interface Connectors:Type A Female – 1Type B Female – 1
  • USB Standard: 2.0
  • Bluetooth: A2DP
  • GPS Module (Option 002): Antenna SMA
  • Antenna (Option 003): 1” x 1” vehicle mounted patch
Same specifications as the M2115 except those listed below:

  • Power In: 88 – 264 VAC fan cooled switching power supply
  • Dimensions: 10” x 8” x 6”
  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Remote Output: Discrete signals connect to remote controllers. Remote frequency selection up to 16 channels.

 Mentor Radio offers a wide assortment of accessories to provide a complete installation solutions. Two antennas are available for the base units.   We offer a narrow band type 526 ASP7A and a wide band type 514 AV-1 antenna. The frequency range you need to transmit is usually the governing criteria in selecting the most suitable antenna for your application. Even for narrow band applications, the AV-1 type antenna offers a more durable antenna than the lower price ASP7A.  Also the AV-1 does not require tuning as the ASP7A does. We recommend the narrow band antenna when the frequency range is < 1MHz, otherwise use a wide band antenna.  It is necessary to cut the ASP7A to the correct length for your operating frequency.  If used for multiple channels within a narrow band, cut the antenna to the center frequency of your operating band.  Two antennas are available for mobile units.  A thru-hole style antenna and a magnetic mount antenna. Two styles of local control microphones to choose from.  A handheld noise canceling microphone and a pedestal style desktop microphone. Simple plug either microphone into the front panel jack and you’re ready to talk.

M2115 Brochure

M2115 Owner’s Manual

M2115 Selection/Setting Sheet (Submit with your Order)