ASP7A (MR P/N 1101275):
Rugged broadband antenna for any base station installation
AV-1 (MR P/N 1101273):
Base station antenna, type is a narrow band, field tunable low cost antenna suitable for single channel operation in the 118MHz to the 136.975MHz aviation band.

Magnetic Mount Antenna Kit (MR P/N: 1101271):
Includes both base and whip.
Magnetic Mount Whip Antenna (1101271A):
Single whip antenna whip is part of a two piece antenna system.
Magnetic Mount Base(1101271B):
This antenna magnetic base can be purchased solely.
Vehicle Mounted Antenna (MR P/N: 1101274):
3/8” mount hole required.
Whip Antenna (MR P/N: 1101810):
Antenna with BNC connector for use with M2115RCU-FGC or STC style indoor controls and with handheld radios.