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We Specialize in Aviation and Marine Band Communications Equipment

Mentor Radio produces aviation and marine band radios and provides a wide array of accessories for these systems including remote control interface components such as consoles, cables and interface devices along with vehicle mounted mobile and base station antennas, interference filters, coaxial cable, speakers, headsets plus handheld and pedestal style microphones. Our engineers can help you design communications systems and solve interference problems.

Mentor Radio offers design and consulting services for a broad range of applications that include both commercial and military markets.  We’ll help you sort through the “alphabet soup” of wireless standards and technologies (QAM, OPDM, CDMA, 802.11, ZigBee, and much more) to help you meet your needs and cost targets.  Mentor Radio has experience in AM, FM and digital communication systems covering frequency ranges from 30MHz to 10GHz.  We also have experience in the design of the circuits used in these systems including VCO’s and PLL’s, LNA’s filters and power amplifiers.

Mentor Radio has extensive experience in proposal development targeted at many government entities, with a proven track record winning, negotiating and managing Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contracts.  We can assist your company in securing funding to pay for the development of new products and systems by helping you target areas for funding and assist in concept development and document preparation.

Mentor Radio is one of the oldest aviation communications equipment manufacturers in the country with over 50 years of continuous service to the aviation industry.   It was originally the Mentor Radio Company out of Willoughby, Ohio until 2001 when it was acquired by Air Services of Cleveland, Inc.  In March of 2007, it once again became an independently owned company.

Mentor Radio is committed to our customers.  Our goal is to produce the highest quality line of products that exceeds our customers expectations well into the 21st century.