The M2115M Mobile Radio is a fully synthesized radio that uses:

  • Dual conversion super heterodyne receiver circuitry utilizing frequency synthesis tuning. The M2115M offers excellent interference rejection while still providing superior weak signal sensitivity.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) providing digital modulation/demodulation with enhanced digital filtering.  The M2115M can receive amplitude modulated (AM) signals along with digital VHF data.
  • Micro-controller controlled user input and output.
  • Software security is incorporated to help prevent transmissions on unauthorized frequencies.  Channel configuration is user password protected with a maximum of 64 authorized users. Once the configuration is protected it cannot be changed except by authorized users.
  • Built-in speaker:  Mobile: 2″ x 2″ 4 Watt,  Base Station: 50×90 mm  5 Watt.
  • Closed loop power control for maximum transmitter versatility to provide optimal transmitter signal while minimizing potential interference.
  • Full 10 Watts of carrier power or a full 40 Watts of Peak Envelope Power (PEP) at 100% modulation.  The unit is designed for better than 80% duty cycle.
  • Programmable maximum power (per channel ).
  • Full power control in 3 power steps (1 Watt, 5 Watts and 10 Watts).
  • SWR (Standing Wave Ratio)-Reverse RF power detector. Prevents transmitter damage from transmitting into a defective antenna load (both opens and shorts).
  • Transmit Time-Out – No more “Hot Mic” situations.  Transmit time-out timer stops transmission and frees the channel after 30 seconds of continuous transmission.
  • Heavy duty microphone jack.
  • User Adjustable Power – maintains optimal transmitter level.
  • Vehicle mounting bracket.

New, unique features for ground support communications:

    • Wireless Headsets:  The M2115M has a XLR connector that when used in conjunction with our adapter, available only thru Mentor Radio, allows the user to use wireless Bluetooth headsets of any style to stay in contact when outside of their vehicle. Noise protection wireless headsets are recommended for very noisy areas.
    • USB interfaces for added capability:
      • One USB type A connector
      • One USB type B connector:
        • Laptops use to allow sending business data using optional LMR radio (future option).
        • GPS data storage (future option):  Laptops to receive GPS position data from radio for moving map applications, vehicle driver training, restricted area warnings, etc

ACCESSORIES: The M2115M comes standard with a handheld microphone (Astatic 631L) with an XLR connector. Two antennas are available for mobile units.  A thru-hole style antenna and a magnetic mount antenna.